5 Signs You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed
by Dr. Michael Popp on Jul 31, 2015

10 million wisdom teeth are removed every year according to a study
conducted in the U.S.  This surgery is very common for young adults
and usually pops up unexpectedly since wisdom teeth rarely cause
patients any pain or discomfort.  Continue reading to learn more about
who needs wisdom teeth removal and when they need it.

Shifting Teeth - You may be pain-free, but your wisdom teeth could be
silently wreaking havoc on your jaw and the rest of your smile.   Over
time your wisdom teeth can begin pushing and reversing the effects of
braces, dentures or crowns.

Age - Your late teens or early twenties is the best time to have
wisdom teeth removed. As we age, our wisdom teeth removal can become
more complex.

Sinus Problems - People who suffer from sinus problems may need their
wisdom teeth removed.  Have your Calgary dentist take X-rays to see if
yours are causing pressure and congestion.

Gum Inflammation – If you notice consistent red and sensitive areas
along your gum line, this can indicate that a wisdom tooth extraction
is needed.  Check your gums for discolouration and sensitivity.

Cavities – Cavities form when bacteria in your mouth faster and grow
in between or on teeth.  Bacteria growth is quite common when gums are
inflamed because inflammation causes small pockets along the gum line.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you may want to give
your dentist a call and have a checkup.  Dr. Michael Popp at
Marlborough Dental Centre in NE Calgary performs wisdom tooth removal
surgery almost every day.

Contact Dr. Michael Popp and his friendly team today at 403.248.2066
or online.


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