5 Signs Its Time for Root Canal Therapy
by Dr. Michael Popp on Jul 17, 2015

Our mouths are probably the most frequently utilized parts of our bodies.  Think about it, from talking and eating to breathing, our mouths are constantly on the go.  It can sometimes be difficult to interpret the sensations we feel in our mouths.  Did we prematurely bite into our pizza and burn our mouth?  Do I have a popcorn kernel in my teeth or is it a toothache?  Is it normal to have this much sensitivity in certain teeth?  Often times symptoms may be overlooked or go unnoticed for a variety of reasons.  Calgary’s NE dental clinic, Marlborough Dental Centre, is explaining some of the symptoms one may have if they require root canal therapy.  Read on to learn more!

As mentioned earlier, you may never show any symptoms that would indicate the need for root canal therapy, but it is still highly recommended to visit your Calgary dentist regularly so that professionals may verify your oral health.  In between dental appointments, be on the look out for the following changes in your mouth:

  1. Constant and severe tooth pain.  Whether it’s during chewing or all the time, this pain could indicate that you need a root canal and you should contact your Calgary dentist immediately.
  2. Persistent sensitivity to cold and hot temperatures.  Hyper sensitivity could mean that the root of your tooth is compromised or infected.
  3. Teeth that have become discoloured.  If you notice any teeth that have darkened over time, this can indicate that a root canal is needed and you should call your Calgary dentist to have it checked.   
  4. Swollen and sore gums can suggest that a root canal is needed.  Whether you can feel this sensation without touching your gums or not, ensuring that your gums are healthy is important for your overall oral health.
  5. If you notice blemishes forming on your gums you should promptly contact your Calgary dentist, as this can also be a sign that you may need a root canal. 


Now that you know some symptoms that can occur when a root canal is needed, you can be more alert to the changes and pains that appear in our mouths from time to time.  Our oral health is important and we should be proactive about it.  If you feel that you may need a root canal or have any dental questions, call Marlborough Dental Centre in NE Calgary today at 403.248.2066.  


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