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5 Reasons You Need a Six-Month Dental Checkup

It’s hard enough to keep track of a busy life juggling family, work, and friends. Sometimes a low priority task can slide, but a regular dental checkup is not one of them!

As we’ve seen over the years at our Calgary dental clinic, six month dental checkups are an important way to stay on top of your dental health.

These appointments can help you prevent serious dental emergencies and actually save you time in the long run.

Consider these 5 top reasons to see your dentist regularly:

  1. Review of dental hygiene. Not sure if you or your family are brushing and flossing correctly? A six‐month dental checkup is a great opportunity to check in on how you’re doing. During the checkup, the dental hygienist will carefully examine your teeth and provide feedback on areas that need more careful cleaning. The dental hygienist can also provide a demonstration on how to improve your dental cleaning technique.
  2. Prevention of dental emergencies. Many dental emergencies, such as toothache or severe gum disease, are easily preventable with early detection. Going for a regular dental checkup ensures that you can catch these early problems before they get worse. After all, given the choice between a small dental filling or a major root canal, which would you choose?
  3. Cost savings. Since six‐month dental checkups allow for the early detection and prevention of major dental issues, these appointments usually offer a significant cost savings over the long term. Brief dental checkups are a fraction of the cost of complicated, urgent procedures to address a dental emergency.
  4. Time savings. Similar to reducing the cost to care for your teeth, regular six‐month checkups can also help you save time. These appointments are often under 30 minutes, leaving you plenty of time to get on with your day. Plus, it also takes significantly less time to book a regularly scheduled appointment when compared to trying to book an urgent, unexpected dental emergency.
  5. Early detection of life‐threatening conditions. Most importantly, going for six‐month dental checkups can help ensure that you catch any serious conditions. During the checkup, your dentist will examine your mouth for evidence of mouth cancer, a life‐threatening condition that needs to be treated as quickly as possible. It often takes an expert eye to spot the signs of mouth cancer, so your six‐month dental checkup is a vital appointment to protect your overall health.

We’re here to help! Contact Dr.Popp and his team today to book your next six‐month checkup at (403) 248‐2066

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