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5 Dental Tips To Help Lower Your Cost of Dentistry

One of the best ways to keep your mouth, teeth, and gums healthy, and reduce your cost of dentistry, is to practice good dental hygiene. From visiting your Calgary dentist for regular teeth cleanings, to brushing and flossing regularly, here are some tips to help you maintain optimal oral health.

A beautiful smile makes a great first impression, and it’s one of the key reasons why people are perceived to be attractive, successful, and youthful. 

Practicing good oral hygiene and visiting your Calgary dentist regularly for teeth cleanings and check-ups, will not only help you maintain a bright and beautiful smile, but it will also: 

  • Lead to lower long-term dentistry costs 
  • Reduce your risk of developing gum disease
  • Lower your risk of developing serious health conditions, such as stroke and heart disease 
  • Allow for early diagnosis and management of any problems before they require extensive and expensive treatment 
  • Give your dentist an opportunity to perform important oral cancer screenings 

Our Calgary Dentists Provide Comprehensive Dental Care at Great Prices! 

At Marlborough Dental Centre, our team of Calgary dentists provide extensive oral healthcare services, including dental cleanings, teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry, Invisalign, and more, to help protect your dental and overall health, and achieve a brighter and more beautiful smile. 

Our Dental Clinic is Open! 

As mandated by the Alberta Dental Association and College, we are happy to announce that our Calgary dentists and dental hygienists are ready to serve you! We are taking all the necessary safety and infection controls at our dental clinic to keep our patients, staff, and community safe. 

If you have a dental emergency, need to pick up your aligners, or your family has any other concerns, we are here to meet all your dental health needs!


5 Dental Hygiene Tips to Help Reduce Your Dentistry Costs 

Taking care of your teeth and gums is essential to overall health and well-being. However, dental treatment isn’t exactly cheap. If you are like most people, you are looking for ways to lower your cost of dentistry, while maintaining a healthy mouth. 

Here are some simple oral health care tips that will keep your dental costs in check: 

1. Maintain a Good Oral Health Routine

Make sure you get into the habit of brushing your teeth twice a day, and flossing them at least once daily. This is the minimum of oral health care necessary to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Brushing your teeth regularly will lower your risk of developing: 

  • Tooth decay
  • Gum disease 
  • Halitosis 
  • Certain respiratory diseases 

Practicing these dental hygiene habits and ensuring you maintain a good oral health routine will help you avoid a vast majority of dental diseases. 


2. Visit Your NE Calgary Dentist Regularly 

If you don’t feel any oral pain, or you aren’t unhappy with the look of your smile, it can be tempting to skip your regular visits to the dentist. However, failing to have your teeth cleaned, examined, and treated, will spur the need for dental work in the long run. 

Remember: Dental treatments and procedures will only prove to be much more expensive if you continue to skip your regular dental appointments and dental cleanings. 

3. Be Proactive About Your Oral Health 

When you are visiting your Calgary dentist, make sure to speak up! You’ll be able to find out more information about oral health care, and you can even ask your dental health professional on what they can do to improve the form and function of your teeth. 

It’s important to seek advice about oral health care solutions that have the potential to treat your unique dental challenges. By getting such information, you’ll have the necessary knowledge to keep your teeth in great condition and avoid costly dental work.

4. Follow a Healthy Diet 

Certain foods and drinks can contribute to the development of gum disease and cavities, so eating a healthy diet is important for minimizing your chances of developing any oral health care problems. 

Make sure you avoid foods that are high in sugar, acidity, carbs, and staining properties, and instead add the following to your diet: 

  • Nuts
  • Whole fruits
  • Leafy greens 
  • Water


5. Rinse Regularly 

Rinsing your mouth with mouthwash can significantly reduce your chances of developing dental decay. Even rinsing out your mouth with water following a snack or meal can help: 

  • Eliminate extra bits of food remaining in your mouth 
  • Your mouth maintain a normal pH level 
  • Stop sugars and starch from attacking your teeth 

The reduction of food particles that arise from regularly rinsing your mouth means that there is less food for bacteria, and subsequently, lowers the risk of you developing tooth decay and cavities. 

Our Calgary Dental Clinic is Now Open! 

Our Calgary dental clinic is now open and our team of family dentists and dental hygienists are excited to be serving you once again. Whether you have a dental emergency, such as a tooth abscess or jaw pain, or you have questions about your oral health, we are ready to provide you with quality and safe dental care during COVID-19. 

To find out more, contact us at 403-248-2066 or fill in our online contact form.

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