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by Dr. Michael Popp on Nov 21, 2018

Does your child suffer from dental anxiety? Here are some simple and easy tips to ease your kid’s fears of the dentist.
The American Dental Association recommends that parents bring their kids to the dentist by their first birthday, or as soon as the first tooth appears. However, many parents wait too long to schedule such appointments, which can have a negative impact on a child’s dental and overall health.


Early and regular visits to the kid’s dentist are important to:


  • prevent tooth decay
  • avoid dental pain
  • reinforce good dental hygiene habits in young patients
  • ensure your child’s teeth and jaw are developing as they should
  • avoid any dental anxiety in the future
  • Friendly and Qualified Kid’s Dentist in Calgary At Marlborough Dental Centre, we offer a wide range of children’s dentistry services including oral check-ups, Invisalign, and wisdom teeth removal, to ensure that your little one’s mouth, teeth, and gums always stay healthy.


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    9 Simple Tips For Resolving Your Kid’s Fear Of the Dentist

    Feeling anxious about visiting the dentist is very common, and while it can begin at any age, it’s a particularly difficult issue in children. This is because skipping regular dental checkups isn’t good for your child’s overall and dental health, so helping them overcome this fear of the dentist is crucial.


    The good news? Here are 9 simple and easy tips for resolving your kid’s fear of the dentist.


    1. Start their visits to the dentist early.

    Keeping your child’s teeth healthy with regular visits will keep them from developing dental anxiety. Waiting to bring them to the dentist until they’re experiencing tooth pain, on the other hand, will only make them more scared of what’s to come.


    2. Give your child as much information as possible.

    Ask your dentist to explain the entire procedure to you and your child, so that they know exactly what is happening. This will give your little one a greater sense of control and predictability, drastically reducing their anxiety levels.


    3. Use relaxation techniques.

    If your child is really suffering from anxiety, some simple deep breathing exercises or muscle relaxation techniques can help loosen up their body and free their mind of worry.


    4. Be careful of your words.

    One of the best ways to encourage your child to get through a dental visit is by avoiding using any negative words around them when talking about the procedure they are about to undergo.


    5. Consider a ‘pretend’ visit.

    Allow your kid to role-play their visit to the dentist before the actual appointment. This will help them get comfortable with the routine and know what to expect, so they won’t feel so worried.


    6. Reinforce the positive.

    Offering your child positive reinforcement in the form of small rewards such as stickers and sweets can be a very useful incentive for cooperation and brave behaviour.


    7. Don’t pass down your own dental anxiety.

    If you battle with dental fears, make sure not to share this with your children as it is bound to spark off a similar type of anxiety in them.


    8. Stay close.

    For many children, having their parents close by can make a huge difference in their anxiety levels. Talk to your kid’s dentist about accompanying your child to the appointment, and even holding their hand if need be.


    9. Find the right dentist and dental office.

    Finding a dental office that is kid-friendly and a dentist that has a lot of experience working with young patients and dealing with their anxiety in a gentle and friendly manner will go a long way in creating a positive and happy experience for your child.


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