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4 Reasons Why A Child May Need A Tooth Extraction

Visiting a dentist for a tooth extraction can be scary for children because they don’t know what to expect. Use this helpful guide from our Calgary dentist for children. Our overview of what to expect and post-treatment care will put both you and your little one at ease. 

It’s not always easy to convince your children to visit the dentist or take proper care of their teeth, especially when they are very young. However, proper oral hygiene is VERY important and regular dental check-ups will:

  • prevent cavities and tooth decay.
  • help children develop good dental practices.
  • lower your kid’s risk of developing gum disease or inflammation.
  • prevent problems such as tooth pain and difficulty chewing/eating.
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Visiting The Children’s Dentist For a Tooth Extraction

A tooth extraction is a dental procedure that involves removing a tooth from the bone socket. For a child, this can be a scary procedure because they don’t know what to expect. By educating your child, you may be able to relieve some anxiety surrounding the experience.

When do children need a tooth extraction?

Dentists recommend tooth extractions for children in a number of situations, including:

1. If the tooth is severely damaged.

This could happen as a result of a sports injury, car accident, or a fall while bicycling. In such a case, you should schedule an appointment with an emergency children’s dentist as soon as possible as they can examine your child and let you know if the tooth is salvageable.

Emergency Dental Care


2. Decayed Teeth

If a child has extensive decay in their front baby teeth, your dentist may recommend a tooth extraction. However, this typically happens only in extreme cases, if a root canal is not sufficient.


3. Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Usually, wisdom tooth extraction happens when a patient is in their teen years but in some cases, dentists may recommend extraction for younger children as well. This surgical procedure can be done with local or general anesthesia.

Wisdom Tooth Removal


4. Preparation for Orthodontic Treatment

Children who need braces may need to have some teeth extracted to allow other teeth to move into their proper positions. This often happens if a tooth is crowding the child’s mouth or blocking the way for new teeth to come in. Sometimes the tooth that requires extraction is a baby tooth that has not fallen out yet. In other cases it may be an adult tooth that is simply creating too much crowding to allow the other teeth to be repositioned into a healthy bite. 

Sedation Dentistry For Children

Some children can become very anxious when they see the dentist. As a result, they may not be able to relax or sit still long enough to receive treatment. In such a case, your dentist may recommend sedation dentistry.

Using conscious sedation is very safe and will allow your child to become more relaxed, while still allowing them to respond to voices or stimulation, and maintain their protective reflexes. It has many benefits, including:

  • a pain-free dental experience
  • quicker treatment time
  • lessened fear or anxiety

Your child will still be able to respond and interact with you and the dentist while undergoing sedation dentistry.

Sedation Dentistry


Post-Procedure Tooth Extraction Care For Your Child

After the tooth extraction, your child’s dentist will have your little one bite on a piece of gauze until the bleeding stops and a blood clot forms. Ongoing bleeding will require changing the gauze every 20 minutes until the bleeding stops.

Once you get home, follow these tips to keep your child healing comfortably:

  1. Use over-the-counter or prescribed medication to soothe the soreness in their jaw.
  2. Place an ice-pack on any swollen areas for about 20 minutes to decrease inflammation.
  3. Give your child only soft foods for at least 24 hours after the extraction.
  4. Don’t let your child spit or drink from a straw since the force could dislodge the blood clot.
  5. Have your child continue their normal dental care routine, but they must brush and floss their teeth with extreme care.
  6. Avoid brushing the area of the tooth extraction until it fully heals around the clot.
  7. Call your local children’s dentist IMMEDIATELY if your child experiences fever, chills, great pain, or severe swelling.
  8. Follow any additional dental care given to you by your kid’s dentist.


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